About Us

I’m sure you’d like to know more about us. Well, keep on reading to find out about our origin, mission and vision.


Bishop Dr. Harrison K. Ng’ang’a founded the first church in February, 1997.  The initial Sunday service on the 2ndFebruary 1997 was held at Faima Hotel, Ronald Ngala Street Nairobi.  The first fourteen members attended the service.  The first message was based at 1stCorinthians chapter 3, verses 11 and 12.  It was a prophetic message, that has seen this fellowship born and grow.

Among the first people who got born-again during our formative stage were those from the Kenyan Secular Music Industry.  Those and others believed and were baptized, so the church in Nairobi was born.  Several churches sprouted within Nairobi, Nyahururu and Kirinyaga areas, briefly after the Nairobi church was began.  Their first members supported their pastors directly from their local churches.

At the first annual anniversary, twenty pastors were ordained.  Bishop Dr. Harrison K. Ng’ang’a and Mrs. Lucy M. Kamengere were installed as Presiding Bishop and founders of the Christian Foundation Fellowship – Kenya, respectively.

The seventh anniversary, held at Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi, Kenya, in February, 2005, saw the ordination of nine Regional overseers.  The Pastor Simon Kama Mukono was ordained as Bishop on the 9thof April, 2005, and installed as the assistant Presiding Bishop.  The Christian Foundation Fellowship – Kenya was duly registered as a Christian religious organization on the 7thday of December, the year 2012.


The vision of Christian Foundation Fellowship statement is to create a church:-

  1. That worships God in Spirit and in Truth, and open to the Holy Spirit for guidance.
  2. That seeks to understand the biblical scriptures and apply the same to daily living.
  3. That teaches the word of God in a simple and applicable way.
  4. That recognizes the sanctity of relationships and seeks to strengthen them.
  5. That cares for it’s members and the wider community in the same way like Christ did.
  6. That values children and youth, and integrates them appropriately in the church.
  7. That has a heart for the broader mission fieldwork and seeks to reach out regionally and globally.
  8. That supports the government of the day and does not compromise her divine role as the voice of God in the society. This shall involve the three fold offices:
    • Kingly anointing – 1 Samuel 15:1
    • Prophetic anointing – 1 Kings 19:16
    • Priestly anointing – Exodus 28:41
  9. That applies the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the church and builds upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets


Our mission is to build godly families through discipleship that we may effectively bear the gospel throughout every area of life and serve as beacons of light in a dark world; raise and grow leaders in a relational manner to serve the community with the compassion of Christ.

In doing so, we shall provide a place where single and couple parents and their children shall enjoy a strong sense of belonging.

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